About Us

Located in Penns Grove, New Jersey, Fire University is a leading training facility specializing in fire safety and protection. Our advanced facility encompasses both cutting-edge classroom space and hands-on wet lab. We offer training for professionals in the fire sprinkler, plumbing and fire service industries. Core areas of instruction include fire sprinkler systems, fire pumps, backflow preventers, and alarm systems. Emphasizing both theory and practical application, our curriculum stands out in the industry. We're proud to be an ASSE Approved Provider and an ICC Preferred Provider. Fire University is where professionals come to advance their knowledge. Join us for an unparalleled educational experience.
At Fire University, our laboratory is equipped with a sophisticated manifold connected to 20 risers, each fitted with diverse valve types and essential components. Complementing the manifold, we feature an array of fire pumps, including the NFPA-13 inline, NFPA-13R pre-packaged, and NFPA-13D Residential Fire Pump. This manifold infrastructure seamlessly integrates with our advanced alarm systems, benefitting our fire sprinkler, fire pump, and alarm specialists. Strategically located adjacent to our fire-focused wet lab is the backflow wet-lab and workshop, dedicated to serving both our backflow and apprentice-level trainees.